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Have a home pharmacy for natural healing?

supplements for your health

The following blog is us sharing what we do in our home. We are not making any medical recommendations, and you should always consult with your health care practitioner as to what is appropriate for you.

A household pharmacy cabinet or drawer is one of the most important things to have in your home. This pharmacy is to help yourself and your family with little boo boo’s, illnesses, and whatever else you can think to prepare for. One aspect of living in Harmony is knowing how to take care of your body when it gets hurt. Having on-hand what you need to attend to the booboo is the first step. It seems we are always missing something at some point so don’t over stress the details. Focus on the basics. Here is a partial list of what we stock in our home pharmacy to give you some ideas. You’ll find we lean heavily on the natural side but do make space for some medications.

Our food is always our main medicine if we ever feel “under the weather”. For example, we will make more veggie soup and eat leaner during those times cutting back on sugar.

Many supplements and homeopathic remedies are in our home pharmacy as well as basic medications. Following is a condensed guide of what is in our pharmacy for minor traumas and boo boos.

To help with trauma:

1. Reduce inflammation:

  • Ice – 10 min every 2 hours on acute trauma such as falls or getting hit with something.
  • Arnica gel and granules of Arnica 9ch.
  • CBD cream/oil –use in alternance with the arnica gel.
  • Traumeel is another good homeopathic cream to use on contusions.
  • There are supplements that can help as well from various labs such as Inflammatone by Designs for Health.

2. If the skin or a scar is open wash it with soap and water and disinfect it.

  • Clean with warm water and a natural soap
  • Hydrogen Peroxide may initially be used with a very dirty wound. Be careful and do not use later in the healing process as hydrogen peroxide can damage newly formed tissue.
  • Calendula TM – so much harder to find in the USA than in France and another wonderful natural disinfectant.

3. Healing – helping the skin repair, and so much more – Healy™ the wearable healing device.

For food Poisoning or stomach upset with diarrhea

  • Activated charcoal. Be careful as overuse may cause constipation.
  • Probiotics can ease symptoms and help to maintain a good microbiome.
  • Stay hydrated – This is the only time you will hear us recommend a natural soda to get fluids and some sugar into your body. Water can cause vomiting so add a ½ teaspoon of sugar/honey to a glass of water if you prefer this to soda.

For infections

  • Learn to recognize viral vs bacterial infections. For example viral infections tend to have a lower temp compared to bacterial infections. Bacterial infections tend to have a higher than expected fever that tends to worsen after a couple of days rather than improve. Also, the mucous should stay clear when a viral cause and will become yellow or green with a bacterial infection. For more info or speak to your health care provider.
  • Supplements to support or assist your immune system – vitamin D, C, and B’s; zinc; L-Lysine(viral), Quercetin. We love Total VR-X™ (a herbal immune mixture) and Oscillococcinum (a homeopathic remedy) for viral infections. For bacterial infections we like Oregano Oil as it is a natural anti-biotic. Colloidal silver works great too.
  • Essential oils – Niaouli, Bergamot, lavender and my own blend of course, 😊…
  • Medications – acetaminophen or aspirin as needed for pain or fever. Remember thought that fever is the natural way for the body to destroy invaders.

To detox after a night of excess food and/or alcohol

  • Digestive enzymes, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), lots of water, Chlorella, B vitamins.

For allergies

  • Apis melifica 9ch
  • Rhinallergy
  • Saline spray or neti pot to clean nose and sinuses
  • Natural eye drops to moisturize
  • Supplements to decrease inflammation and histamine- ALR-G and Histoplex
  • Antihistamine medications

As you can see, we keep a variety of products in our pharmacy. We probably have twenty-something homeopathic remedies for various conditions. We have natural creams for pain and inflammation as well as CBD, supplements and medications.

We can help you complete your own natural pharmacy if you are in need of it. We carry many of our favorite products. Book an online session with us to discuss your needs and options.

Let us know what the key elements of your home pharmacy contain in the comments below. Also comment if you have questions about what is in our pharmacy or how we use what we have.


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