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Is a couple in Harmony a cute couple?

cute couple in harmony

A couple in Harmony is a couple that shows signs of affection like kissing, holding hands, encouraging each other, and taking care of each other. By watching them you can tell that they share energy and support each other. If they work in a business together like us, you will notice that they know how to tap into each other’s strengths to build their business.  Couples in harmony work and live as one.


So how do you become a couple in Harmony?

We weren’t always a couple in harmony.  We could look back at times that we thought we were in harmony, so we knew it was possible for us.  We simply had to make a conscious choice to be in Harmony.

For us to be in Harmony we had to:

Learn to communicate.  Someone once said Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (it’s a book), and we agree. We had to first learn to communicate in ways that allowed us to understand each other. Just because we speak the same language doesn’t mean that we are communicating.  Have you ever said something that was clear for you and the other person took it a completely different way?  Just using words you both know does not mean that you are really communicating.  Both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication are important.  Whenever you feel that communication is not clear or breaking down say something about it and ask questions.  We believe that being body workers and intuitive healers allows us to connect at different levels with each other and see past each other’s stories and emotional traumas.
Another good read is The 5 Love Languages that can help you and your partner understand each other better.  

Learn to have respect for each other. We are very different from one another. Burton is really good at daily tasks, at staying on task, at getting things done. Emma is creative, fast paced, always working on a different project. We struggled for a while to work with each other because we are so different until we realized that we were complementary. We were able to see past our differences because of the respect we had for each other.

Be willing to grow and evolve. Life will change and we all will be stretched, developed, and made to adapt. In short – it will make us evolve. As a couple we will be forced to evolve, at times those situations happen to both of you and at times only one of you. Sometimes we are ready for it, and sometimes we really are not!  We need to be willing to evolve as individuals and as couples. We also need to be present in supporting our partner when they evolve alone.

Before we could even think about being in Harmony with our couple, we had to learn how to be in Harmony within ourselves.  Living in harmony with oneself is a large concept to unpack. The notion that you must know all aspects of yourself could seem daunting.

As overwhelming as living harmoniously with yourself sounds, you can learn to do so. In fact, implementing a routine practice of Harmony can help improve your quality of life and your relationships.

When a person decides to live in harmony with themselves, they take responsibility for all aspects of their being. They allow all parts to work together to create a beautiful and harmonious person.  They evolve toward being the best person they can be.  

Living in Harmony comes with its fair share of challenges.  Nothing that can’t be overcome – God never sends you more than you can handle. Having a companion on that Journey (being in Harmony) is something we both feel lucky and grateful for.

We help individuals and couples connect and find harmony with ease. Let us know how we can support you.

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