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2 in Harmony

Welcome to a blog about finding harmony
within yourself, your relationship, and as a member of planet Earth.

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San Clemente Pier


We are Emma and Burton and we have been married for 20 years with 2 kids who are quickly becoming adults at almost 20 and 17 years old. We are both Doctors of Chiropractic, have been studying natural health and healing for well over 20 years, and own a wellness center in San Clemente, CA.

Our Blog's Beginning

It started with a walk on the beach.

Emma & Burton

On one of our beach walks we realized just how happy and in harmony with ourselves, our couple and our home Earth we are.

We also noticed that we missed being part of a larger community of loving, empathetic, courageous people. So we decided to do something about it.

We are reaching out to you with this blog to share:

  • how we found a sense of belonging, ease, and harmony within ourselves and our couple
  • what we’ve learned about living with our planet
  • how finding coherence and balance is key to a harmonious life.

Also, we’d like to hear how you have created that sense of harmony yourselves!

Our Blog Topics

We have many healing topics on harmony and balance to share with you.

Harmony with

Being in harmony with yourself, through self-care and using professional holistic health care, by awakening the healer within, and looking at how lifestyle and habits play an important part to that harmony.

Harmony within
Your Couple​

Being in harmony within your couple by working together with a common purpose and goal. We’ll talk about the feminine and masculine energies that need to be balanced/respected, and how to create more connection and communication within our couple.

Harmony with
Our Planet​

Being in harmony with our planet by understanding that we are all connected – humans, animals, plants and even minerals. Living in a way that takes care of the planet that we all call home. And being in harmony with our times to find balance in life using technology while maintaining a respect, an awe, for nature.

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