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An easy practice to recharge and resource

Do you have some practice to help you recharge and resource? Lots of people today seem to push through their day trying to get everything done with the help of coffee or tea. Another approach is to take a little time to recharge the batteries and finish the day with energy.

My (Emma’s) favorite way is by “taking a nap”. I like to call it a “recharge session”. I remember as a child living in Bobo Dioulaso, Burkina Faso Africa that naps were mandatory, and I hated them. We all had to stay inside between 1-3pm because the heat of the sun was too strong. I was 8 years old and thought that napping was for babies. I resigned myself to at least stay quiet. I find it interesting how we evolve and transform ourselves over time. I have come to love napping and do it regularly.

When I got pregnant with my first child I started to nap again. I have kept the habit going after the birth of both of our kids. While we were in France we had a nice country-wide lunch break of about 2 hours. I would take advantage of this time and lay down on one of my chiropractic tables to close my eyes. During this time I would reset myself to a peaceful, mindful state while doing energy work and using mind control techniques on myself. I have less time for lunch in San Clemente, but I still love “napping” on the PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) mat at the office. Sometimes my consciousness drifts far away, and sometimes I stay focused on my body, my breath, and the energy flowing within me. I set the intention to be re-charged when I get up. I want to create balance and peace within myself, and find ease within the flow of life. It is like a meditation; I feel myself drifting into an alpha state (relaxed and meditative brain state). I need 18 minutes most times to re-center myself and get up feeling resourced.

To determine the length of time you need for your power nap we would recommend you experiment. Try a few different time lengths and see which length works best for you. Nap a few times for 25-30 minutes, and then try a few times with 12-15 minutes. Play around a bit to find the ideal power nap duration for you. When you nap mentally program yourself to recharge and wake up shortly. Open your eyes as soon as you feel yourself move, knowing that it is time to get up feeling awake and recharged. If you don’t nap long enough, you won’t feel completely recharged. If you oversleep, then you will feel sluggish and have a hard time fully waking up.

How to “nap” and recharge in 10-22 min/day:

  • set an intention of what this nap is for or will produce for you
  • set an alarm
  • lay down for 10-25 minutes, the magic number for me is 18 minutes
  • close your eyes
  • use the tools you already have to relax your body and allow your brain to slow down to an alpha state. Some examples of tools: breath; praying; focusing on the noise of the wind or the ocean; visualizing a beautiful place like visiting a pond or walking into a friendly forest; focusing inside your body or expanding out from it; etc…

We all should have ways to connect and relax

  • allow your body to fall asleep if that is what it needs, you will wake up feeling rested and full of energy (remember your intention)
  • when the alarm goes off take a couple deep breaths, sit up slowly, and enjoy the rest of your day.

I try to nap 3 times a week.

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below. If you already nap then please share the benefits you receive with everyone else in the comments below.


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