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8 tricks to deprogram yourself and find Harmony

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Think about how most people live. They force themselves to get up early after going to bed late, they dress up, go to work, come home and repeat. During the weekend, a fun social life means consuming too much food and alcohol. They repeat the same routine day after day. Year after year. This type of life is considered by many to be normal and healthy, harmonious even. But if we think about it, it is far from being harmonious.

Life is both precious and extraordinary. And we have all been taught about what life is and can be. But many have their beliefs programmed to develop life habits, over many generations, making it normal to expect less out of life. It is never ok to not live life at its fullest, in harmony.

Here are 8 tricks to help you deprogram yourself and find Harmony

1. Consume Less Today’s cultural economic story pushes us to buy things we don’t need that end up in a landfill and poison our environment. Don’t you feel like the system pushes you to consume without end? For all of that buying we need to have a system of exchange we call money. We get money by trading our time or using our ingenuity to purchase goods that reinforce the habits and the lifestyle we have developed. Think about the difference between a developed nation and a developing one in today’s world. Honestly, how long does it take for you to get tired of the products your purchase?

Let go of materialism and the belief that more is better. Money can’t buy everything and especially not happiness. Consume less, focus less on the need for money and focus more on love and friendship. Spend your time and efforts in ways that help you find a sense of harmony that cannot independent of money.

2. Honor your uniqueness Each of us possess unique talents, gifts that we have brought into this life to add to the beauty of creation. In society today though, we are asked to suppress our uniqueness to fit into the whole of society. We are programmed to doubt ourselves by comparing ourselves with our neighbor and finding their grass greener than ours. Recognize your uniqueness and tap into your talents and gifts because the world needs what you bring to the table. Don’t be shy, share your talents with the world. It’s what you’re here to do.

3. Express your creativity We are all born into this world to help in creating a paradise for everyone. To be an integral part of creation on this planet. But we are not raised in a culture that encourages one to tap into that creativity. We must consciously choose to participate in creation or risk ending up destroying out of ignorance. By being creative you will find your own state of harmony.

4. Be conscious Learning to live in the present and enjoy some pleasure every day requires a conscious choice to be aware of ourselves – our inner world and our external surroundings. To be conscious is to be attentive to the here and now. We acknowledge “what is” so we can recognize areas of dis-Harmony in our lives and make corrections. Being conscious allows us to work on creating that harmonious state we seek. Check out this blog Are you in Dys-Harmony for an exercise to help you.

5. Pay attention to what is going inside your body Your body is the vehicle for your spirit in this lifetime. Your body is your temple. We often talk about the body/mind as a reminder that your mind needs to listen to your body in a 1-1 relationship. Treat it with respect and learn about its needs. Food, water, thoughts all influence your physical health and level of vitality. Paying attention will foster a desire to take care of yourself and find a sense of harmony.

6. Knowledge is power
Pay attention to where your information is coming from. We live in an era of information overload, and not always the most accurate information. It’s easy to find the worst and the best on any subject these days with both mainstream and independent sources. Learn to think and research for yourself using as many varied sources as possible because knowledge is power.

7. Reclaim your power Since a young age we have been taught to doubt ourselves and to follow the directives of our leaders. When we become adults, we often maintain the trust that our leadership works for our best interest. Yet if we want to find harmony within ourselves, we need to stop giving away our power and reclaim our responsibilities. Any community or official organization can only be as good as the people who are running it. Reclaim your power over the destiny of your life.

8. Read books that stimulate your mind Read for more than just entertainment. Reading is a way to challenge our own thoughts and ideas and expand our minds to other possibilities. It is a good tool for understanding the world you live in and find Harmony for yourself and with the world around you.

Start with one, and soon you’ll be incorporating more and more tricks into your nice harmonious living routine. Comment below if you have a general question or email us if it is more personal. We are here to help and support you.