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Here’s a timeline of the latest helpful articles on harmony and balance for yourself, your relationships, and your life on Earth!

beach harmony sand

8 tricks to deprogram yourself and find Harmony

Think about how most people live. They force themselves to get up early after going to bed late, they dress up, go to work, come home and repeat. During the …


May 18

seeking connection

Are you experiencing Dys-Harmony?

Our bodies are amazing and able to compensate in so many ways by sharing their energy and resources. It is when a system is losing too much energy and getting …


May 14

balancing masculine and feminine energies is key to a balanced slow living lifestyle

Harmonizing feminine and masculine energies

We have been hearing a lot of conversations about gender lately. We thought it would be nice to explore the idea of Harmony between the feminine and masculine energies of …


May 04

two person holding hands finding harmony within themselves and their couple.

Our 6 favorite ways to connect

Here is part 2 of our 6 favorite ways to connect with ourselves, our partner and our planet.4. Bodywork for couplesTreat yourself and your partner to a spa day.My husband …


April 26