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Here’s a timeline of the latest helpful articles on harmony and balance for yourself, your relationships, and your life on Earth!

Objects of power

Living in Harmony to access objects of power

Do you, like us, find Indiana Jones quests for objects of power entertaining? When you look around in the movies, there are objects of power scattered everywhere, but most think…
napping recharging

Self-care – Selfless or Selfish?

Creating harmony is always a work in progress.  Life continually changes so we are always put into circumstances that will challenge our state of harmony.  Often the stress of life…
lions respect

How to Re-negotiate to create more Harmony

Life and relationships go through many stages in life. Just as there are stages in life (infant, toddler, teen, etc.) there are also stages in relationships.  The first 3-months (often…
cute granny couple

Is a couple in Harmony a cute couple?

A couple in Harmony is a couple that shows signs of affection like kissing, holding hands, encouraging each other, and taking care of each other. By watching them you can…
There is the word “love”, and then there is the feeling of “love”. (18)

Benefits of feeling Love

The word “love” is multi-faceted.  It pops up in both casual and serious conversations.  It pops up during heavy and light emotions.  It can be used for referring to such things as chocolate…

Live with Intention

It is way too easy to put our life on autopilot – work, eat, and sleep. We can also find ourselves hypnotized by screens (iPad, phone), sometimes Emma thinks of…
Cultivate the divine connection daily practice (2)

Daily practice to connect with the divine

Do you know about the hour of power? The hour of power is the most powerful tool that we know of.  Be intentional by giving yourself one hour a day…
Have you experienced the Divine (10)

Have you experienced the Divine?​

We feel like you need to have an awakening experience to truly open yourself to discover all the various ways that the universe works and to find the tools to…