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Self-care – Selfless or Selfish?

Creating harmony is always a work in progress.  Life continually changes so we are always put into circumstances that will challenge our state of harmony.  Often the stress of life and those situations will destabilize our sense of harmony to some extent, it might be a little or it might be a lot.  This happens to everyone no matter how practiced they are at maintaining equanimity.

If you are similar to us, you were raised to focus on others more than yourself. You were taught that giving, serving, and doing things for others is a selfless act and a better way to live than focusing on yourself.  Also that putting yourself first is a sign of selfishness and it is not a good way to go through life. But is that really true?

We have come to learn that putting ourselves first at times is not selfish at all, a healthy expression of self-care is actually an act of selflessness.  It is good to give and care for others but not at the cost of yourself.  All life has value, we need to place ourselves on the same level as all those we care for. It is a way to make sure we receive what we need to stay healthy and happy so we can continue to care for our community. Self-care gives us the abundance to give and care for others. 

Self-care comprises many different things and activities. It is first and foremost linked with creating a healthy lifestyle with good routines around eating healthy food, exercising regularly, having fun and laughing with friends, meditating, and connecting with our spiritual nature. 

Self-care is also addressing our specific health needs with professionals like holistic health care practitioners, massage therapists, personal trainers, or health/life/ business coaches. 

Taking regular vacations and having time off are also examples of self-care.  There are many, many ways that we can take care of ourselves and these are only a few examples.

The key to using self-care to create more harmony in our lives is in having regularity in our self-care activities.  A routine is needed to go from an energy-poor state ( where you suffer and feel drained all the time)  to an energy-neutral state. ( read our blog about energy states to get more details). Doing self-care when we are in a bad place will help us feel better,  but when we do it regularly we gain the ability to maintain harmony in the face of a crazy and stressful life.

Selfishness is putting yourself above others, at the expense of others.  Self-care is all about giving yourself energy so you can take care of yourself and others. If you don’t take care of yourself someone else will have to take care of you. So really the lack of self-care is an act of selfishness.

 If you want to experience harmony in your life then make self-care a part of your normal life routine.


Let us help you create a self-care routine for you to reach an energy-rich state, where you are in harmony and can take care of your community. 

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