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Harmonizing feminine and masculine energies

We have been hearing a lot of conversations about gender lately. We thought it would be nice to explore the idea of Harmony between the feminine and masculine energies of us all. These are two different energies with different functions and attributes.

Both men and women have access and need to tap into both the feminine and masculine energy. Both energies are within us all. We feel it’s important to have access to both our masculine and feminine energy and to live the embodied sense of our core energy. At the core of each of us is a resonant energy that is either masculine or feminine. We need to live from our core energy to be living in Harmony within ourself, our couple, and with our planet home.

We discovered this type of disharmony in our relationship about 15 years ago.

Burton could not work for legal reasons when we moved to France in 2001. He stayed home to take care of the baby while Emma worked on their Chiropractic office and building a patient base. Our son was born soon after settling in France, so it made sense for us to have a stay-at-home dad and a working mom. We naturally switched roles as it made sense given our life situation. Switching roles felt quite natural in our situation that we didn’t realize what we had done until years later. We moved, and we’re working on building a new practice we realized the switch had happened. At this time Burton was fluent in French, and Emma had our 2nd child. Emma had taken the stereotypical masculine role and along with it, she was embodying more masculine energy and traits than her true feminine core. Burton had taken a more passive and nurturing role to create couple harmony. It was time for him to reclaim his masculine power and let Emma reclaim her feminine energy and power. We recognized a stress in our couple that we resolved by reclaiming our core energies.

Remember, we are talking about energy and spiritual qualities. Not to be confused with gender roles, sexual preferences or identities, or anything related to the physical side of us.

The Masculine energy is the side that is responsible for taking action. In order to act, we need to decide. In order to decide, we need confidence in our decision-making process and in our ability to follow through on our decision. Tapping into our masculine is essential to go thru life. Some say that the masculine energy is the protector, but nothing compares to the protective aspect of the feminine energy.

The Feminine energy is what allows you to relax, recharge and come at things as your best self. Feminine energy is intuitive, creative, communication, empathetic, and living from the heart. The feminine see’s how all things in life are connected and can multitask like no other.

You see why we need both feminine and masculine energy in our life? We need to balance the feminine and masculine energies in our own life, and in our couple. And with the planet, we need to have balance with nature.

Culture has such a powerful influence on how we see these energies and how we behave in society with them. But this is just a story. When we look at Nature we find a wide variety of behaviors such as:

  • the male manta ray becomes the females first meal, so she can care for the eggs
  • frogs develop same sex attraction if the environment won’t support increased population
  • male Seahorses are the ones to carry the eggs. The energy is the energy and our cultural story is our cultural story.

Often times we like to compare the attributes of the masculine and the feminine rather than embracing both. What is your cultural story about these energies? Work to see the beauty of both energies and the need to create harmony of these energies within ourselves.

Work with us if you want help tapping into your feminine and masculine energy.