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Our 6 favorite ways to connect

two person holding hands finding harmony within themselves and their couple.

Here is part 2 of our 6 favorite ways to connect with ourselves, our partner and our planet.

4. Bodywork for couples

Treat yourself and your partner to a spa day.

My husband and I are both body workers and Chiropractors. Over the years we have done many seminars and healing/personal growth workshops. There is something profound about harmonizing your own energy. It allows us to be more in harmony with ourselves and the planet, as well as the energy within our couple. We know this to be true from our own experience. We have worked with a handful of practitioners that understand the energetic dynamic that exists between couples, and how to harmonize it.

By focusing on energy and patterns we create profound change by creating a deeper connection within ourselves and as a couple. These changes allow for greater communication, deeper understanding and a stronger bond with your partner.

In our Center, Emma offers couple sessions to create deeper bonds and harmony within the couple. These sessions release emotional and physical blocks and tensions through coaching and gentle bodywork.

Extra: Engage in the process of any bodywork session you receive. You can learn how to tap into those energies to connect within yourself, with your partner, and with nature more easily.

5. Gardening

Plan for your home garden to create harmony within yourself, your couple and with nature.

Gardening is a great activity for couples looking to connect with one another in a relaxing setting. There’s something wonderfully meditative about gardening with the simple, repetitive tasks, the peace and quiet and the beautiful surroundings. In the Middle Ages monastic gardens were a spiritual retreat and activity for all.

There is increasing evidence that exposure to plants and green space, and especially gardening, is beneficial to your health. Benefits include: lowering blood pressure, burning calories (gardening burns more calories than walking), boosting vitamin D levels, and the reduction of stress and anxiety.

A bacteria found in soil, M. Vaccae, works as a natural antidepressant by activating serotonin-releasing neurons in the brain when it’s inhaled.  And no, you don’t need to stick it up your nose or inhale tons of it to get the effects. Taking a walk amid nature or hanging out in your garden will trigger this response.

It can help you to eat more healthy by being in control of what goes into growing the food you eat. In our current times gardening is like taking a multivitamin for the body and soul.

Extra: Pay attention to the seeds you are using and use only organic, non-GMO produce in your garden

6. Cooking

Cook a healthy and sustainable meal with your partner.

There’s more to food than basic sustenance. Good food, coming from good soil that we cared for, can create feelings of happiness and contentment for ourselves and our bellies.

Cooking as a couple can strengthen your bond and deepen your relationship. Cooperation and communication go hand in hand in cooking if you want to have a fabulous meal. Cooking can be great practice for facilitating communication in other areas of your relationship, too. Sharing enjoyable activities with your partner sends feel-good hormones throughout your body, making you feel a stronger connection with the other person. Being together in the kitchen is a great opportunity to have some fun with your partner. 

Industrial food production can possibly be one of our biggest sources of climate damage. Wasting food and the industrialized meat industry are the biggest offenders. Interestingly though, diets that are good for the planet tend to be good for people too.

If we want a world where people and nature thrive, we need to fix our food system. Growing and cooking our own food is a step in the right direction. Adopting a healthy and sustainable diet helps us achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our food supply chain. That’s something for yourself, your couple and the planet.

Extra: Cook your meal from scratch using local and fresh ingredients.

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