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Our Latest Blog Posts

Here’s a timeline of the latest helpful articles on harmony and balance for yourself, your relationships, and your life on Earth!

napping recharging

An easy practice to recharge and resource

Do you have some practice to help you recharge and resource? Lots of people today seem to push through their day trying to get everything done with the help of…
our home pharmacy

Have a home pharmacy for natural healing?

The following blog is us sharing what we do in our home. We are not making any medical recommendations, and you should always consult with your health care practitioner as…
dysharmony 1

Are you experiencing Dys-Harmony?

Our bodies are amazing and able to compensate in so many ways by sharing their energy and resources. It is when a system is losing too much energy and getting…
yin yang male woman

Harmonizing feminine and masculine energies

We have been hearing a lot of conversations about gender lately. We thought it would be nice to explore the idea of Harmony between the feminine and masculine energies of…

Our 6 favorite ways to connect

Here is part 2 of our 6 favorite ways to connect with ourselves, our partner and our planet. 4. Bodywork for couples Treat yourself and your partner to a spa…
Japanese ZEN garden with stacked stones in raked sand

What exactly is living in harmony?

And why should I? We focus on living and encourage a lifestyle that embraces living in harmony. Harmony with yourself, your partner, and nature to create a wholesome and fulfilled…