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Daily practice to connect with the divine

Do you know about the hour of power?

The hour of power is the most powerful tool that we know of.  Be intentional by giving yourself one hour a day to increase your efficiency, your power and ability to manifest your dreams.

You can set one hour of your time aside for it or you can, like me, break it into three 20-minute sessions.  Just remember that you must be regular for it to become a routine.

The hour of power is composed of:

– 20 minutes of experiencing your body in movement, connecting with the amazing body that started as two cells and has become this thing you call your body.  You can do yoga, pilates, swimming, surfing, weight lifting, etc..  Use this time to create a sense of balance and power in your physical body while you acknowledge the divine in your creation.

– 20 minutes of prayer or meditation where you connect to your bigger self, your angels, and God.  Use this time to let your mind become aware of your spirit so that your spirit can communicate with the divine.  Listen and take in the messages that you receive.  It is the divine speaking to you.

– 20 minutes of cleaning, organizing, and planning.  Use this time to take inventory of yourself and your life – what needs cleaning?, where is organization needed?, what needs planning so that you can continue to live and grow in connection to the divine?

The Hour of Power allows you to set your body, mind, and soul on course for the day or week ahead to be in connection with the divine regularly. Gift it to yourself and make it a ritual for your day. The joy of the Hour of Power is that by using the three sections you can choose how you’d like to experience divine creation through your body, connect with your spirit and plan how you make your dream a reality.

There are many activities we can do to foster a connection with the divine.  Here are some of our favorite activities to fill our 20-minute time slots with:

Remember to have intention for any activity

Contemplate the stars in the sky

Connect with your spiritual guides

Going to church

Feeling gratitude

Making Pottery

Love making and experiencing ecstasy

Using your hands to connect in the field opening your heart

Chanting – singing

Dancing or moving your body

stay still and quiet

Participating in a sacred ceremony

Lighting candles and incense

Most activities we do can be used to foster a connection with the divine if entered into with the right intention.

Comment below with the activities you like doing to connect with the divine during your hour of power.

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