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Have you experienced the Divine?​

We feel like you need to have an awakening experience to truly open yourself to discover all the various ways that the universe works and to find the tools to transform it for yourself and others.

My(Emma) first connection to our divine nature happened while I was contemplating the sky. The first time I consciously went on a “mind journey” as I call it, I was 12. I was on vacation in Dibouti, and we took a trip inland to a dead salty lake in the middle of a rocky desert. After hours of riding on a boring road, I decided to go up in the clouds and meet a friend to play with.  Stuck in the middle of a desert is how I met Max, my imaginary friend, and guide.  I feel grateful that my family encouraged me to pursue that connection rather than shaming it.  Little did I know that this was how one can find connection with the Divine. Max was my “imaginary friend” until I was 16 when I did my first meditation workshop with Silva Mind Control Inc.  Then I realized that Max was really my spiritual guide.  Later, when I started under Network Spinal care I had a “divine experience” on my third visit where I felt my wings opening from my back.   


Have you met God, the Divine within?

We recently talked with a man that had a near-death experience.  He saw something that he couldn’t explain and that transformed him.   We find it interesting to learn how someone meets God for the first time.  How does it happen?

Some are born into the faith, and they are raised within a culture of going to church and following guides which gives them their experience of the divine. Some will find their path this way, and others will not. Some will lose their belief that Intelligence organizes life itself.    Others like me will be guided into it later, either because of a personal experience or guided by someone they trust.  I always experience the Divine when I go to a church for service or even when touring old churches like the ones in France.

The more we discover about the Divine, the spiritual world, the more we are fascinated. We have experienced profound spiritual transformational events, both individually and as a couple, and have chosen to integrate the Divine into our daily living.

Bodywork has been transformational for us. Emma is an introvert and sensitive to bodywork which allows her to connect and feel the universe that her mind/soul organizes.  Burton is more external and using bodywork helps him connect with the light beyond the form.

Breathwork is another practice that has been transformational for us in connecting to the Divine.

Doing a ceremony to connect to the Divine as a couple creates deeper connections within our couple on a spiritual level.  Many years ago, we had a beautiful experience with a shaman, Kathy Bluetree,that only uses traditional drum meditation to guide you on a spiritual journey.  The drumming created a deep meditative trance allowing our minds to open and take us on a journey to meet our guides and angels.  We have since tried plant medicine to do a vision quest. Shamanism is one of the many ways to connect to the Divine in nature.   

Once you find the Divine, we feel it is important to cultivate it with daily practice.


In next week’s blog, we will share with you our daily practice to connect with the divine!



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