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What exactly is living in harmony?

And why should I?

Balance and Harmony

We focus on living and encourage a lifestyle that embraces living in harmony. Harmony with yourself, your partner, and nature to create a wholesome and fulfilled life.

Living this way means connecting – with each other, the food we eat, our physical and energetic bodies, with nature. We need to connect to the land and animals around us, with fresh air and sunshine, and with our Creator.

We choose to foster a holistic mindset about life and health. Holistic means emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its various parts.

Holistic Interdependence

The physical aspect – how our body works, its needs, and how to feed and care for our physical bodies.

The emotional aspect –the emotions we feel and what emotional energy sustains us in life. Emotions are energy in motion. They are present to help us make changes in our internal and/or external worlds. The emotions of joy/love/gratitude are the highest energy vibrations we have access to.

The mental aspect – how we construct our reality, our beliefs, and our mindset. We can use the power of the mind to change our reality.

The spiritual aspect – we are spiritual beings experiencing physical reality. This life is a chance for our souls to grow, or not. We won’t talk about any single religion here but focus on connecting with the source of higher power and creation.

The environmental aspect – Our environment affects us and all the people in it. We have a responsibility and a duty to care for that environment. We will talk about how we can be good caretakers of our environment to create a world in which all can thrive.

Many Factors Affect Us

There are so many factors that affect us. Vibration and music, various energies from emotions to EMFs, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the thought we have…

It is often said that “We don’t know what we don’t know, and what we don’t know can still harm us”. So it’s really important to live consciously and educate ourselves. That way, we are empowered in life and do not fall victim to our circumstances.

As we adopt a mindset of living in harmony, we can notice many positive changes occurring in our lives:


  • stress levels may lower as we connect with nature, slow down our pace of living, and find more balance overall in our lives.
  • self-esteem boosts as we have a more positive impact on our environment, and surround ourselves with a friendly, caring, and supportive community.
  • increased joy is the ultimate goal

Harmonious living can be simple. We are told that technology will make our lives easier, but is that really true? Are our lives really easier or happier than our grandparents? In some ways, yes, and in many others, we have more challenges to address. We need to remember and continue to cultivate the wisdom of our ancestors into our modern lives.

If you’re wondering, “How do we create this harmonious lifestyle?” Join us on this journey! Just give us your best contact email to stay in touch. We’ll send you our newsletter and more practical tips!